Welcome at SewNatural!
I would love to share my passion for sewing and sustainability with you!

What you will find on this website:
• A collection of online sewing courses & sewing patterns
• A blog full of sewing tips, DIYs and inspiration

Focus on:
• Sustainable Sewing: be conscious about your clothing and fabric use
• Sew easy-to-make clothes yourself
• Learning to sew for beginners and slightly advanced sewists
• Creative reuse & repair of clothing or old textiles
• Sew reusable items for your household

• Use up your fabric scraps, Patchwork & Quilting projects

benodigdheden lang

Sewing and Creativity are a super power and in my opinion very important if you want to contribute to a greener earth. 

My passions for creativity & my mission to make my life more sustainable resulted in this website.
I would love to take you along on my journey to a more sustainable wardrobe and lifestyle!

Learn to sew, repair & recycle yourself. And it doesn't even have to be difficult at all!
Make practical reusable items for everyday life, make your own simple clothes and learn how to repair and recycle them.

Let's get started and have a lot of fun!
Love, Marieke