Welcome at SewNatural!

Online Sewing Courses and Patterns with a Green Twist

Hi and welcome to SewNatural!
On this website you will find sewing patterns, inspiration and online sewing lessons. I want to teach you how to sew, so you can (re)make your own clothes, bags, etc.

My passion for creativity & my mission to make our planet Green again resulted in SewNatural. I like to create, but in a sustainable way.
I would like to take you along on my path to Sustainable Sewing, my Fair Fashion wardrobe and a slow lifestyle.

I'll teach you how to sew, repair & recycle, so you can build a sustainable wardrobe.
Make your own simple clothes, learn to repair & recycle your existing clothes and make the most beautiful things from your fabric scraps.

Get started and have fun!

I believe that together we can make the world a greener place again,
just by being a little more creative. And I would like to teach you how!
-x- Marieke

About SewNatural:

• Online Sewing Lessons for beginning to intermediate sewers
• Sew your own bags, accessories, quilts & easy-to-make clothes yourself!
• Online sewing courses with extensive instructional videos and photo tutorials
• PDF Sewing Patterns
• Creative reuse & repair of clothing or old textiles
• Sewing with fabric scraps, Patchwork & Quilting projects

• Participate in Online Courses & Sew-Alongs on how to make your own simple clothes
• Design and sew easy-to-make clothes yourself

• Read the Sewing Blog for extra tips, DIYs and inspiration

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